Is it okay to drink soup before meals?

Is it okay to drink soup before meals? It is often heard that eating soup before meals is more conducive to our health care. In fact, it is not entirely scientific from a healthy dietary point of view. For patients with stomach problems, it is not suitable for soup before going to drink, to find out what it may adversely affect.

"From the nutrition theory, pre-dinner soup prone to satiety, so obese people really should be soup before meals, so you can slow down the eating speed, not to eat too much." Wuhan Central Hospital digestion Zhang Jian, deputy chief physician of medicine introduced, however, for chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric ulcer patients, is not suitable for drinking too much soup before meals. Because compared to healthy people, they have less gastric acid secretion, if excessive intake of soup before meals, it will dilute the gastric juice, and further affect the digestion of food, causing stomach discomfort, thereby aggravating the condition. In addition, for those who have increased gastric acid secretion, some soup (chicken broth, concentrated broth) can stimulate more gastric acid secretion, can cause heartburn, hiccups and other discomfort, so always have pantothenic acid and other discomfort, but also drink less broth .

In addition to drinking less or no soup before meals, the middle of the meal to drink a lot of soup, or a lot of soup after dinner, for people who have gastrosses is not appropriate, because it makes the stomach more heavy. Even if you want to drink soup, it is recommended to eat a small amount of time to drink slowly, eat more vegetables, or better to drink half an hour after a meal, a small bowl is appropriate, about 100 ~ 200 ml.

In short, people with a history of stomach should pay attention to eating on time, avoid overeating. Do not drink tea or drink plenty of water immediately after a meal.

Hope that patients with stomach problems in the daily diet, you can focus on these issues, appearing in addition to the need for positive treatment of stomach problems, in life should pay more attention to is diet health care science, or not, it will directly affect our Gastrointestinal health.

It has been tested

Misunderstanding one: do not eat soup "residue" the lancet

It has been tested, with fish, chicken, beef and other foods containing different high protein raw materials after 6 hours of cooking, it seems very thick soup, but the dissolution rate of protein is only 6% to 15%, there are more than 85% of the protein Still in the "slag". After a long cooking soup, its "slag" to taste taste is not the best, but one of the peptides, amino acids more conducive to digestion and absorption of the human body. Therefore, in addition to eating liquid people, should promote the soup and "residue" eat together.

Mistakes II: love to drink "Du flavor soup"

Every food contains insignificant amounts of nutrients. Even the best-soused amino acid-rich "broth" still lacks several "essential amino acids", a variety of minerals and vitamins that the body can not synthesize. Therefore, promoting the use of several animal and plant foods mixed soup, not only make the flavor superimposed each other, but also to make nutrition more comprehensive.

Misunderstanding three: drink too hot soup

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Hundred harmful without benefit, drink soup below 50 ℃ is more appropriate. Some people like to drink hot soup, in fact, the human oral cavity, esophagus, gastric mucosa can only endure the temperature of 60 ℃, more than this temperature will cause mucosal burns. Although scalded human body has its own repair function, but repeated injuries easily lead to malignant upper gastrointestinal mucosa. After investigation found that hi hi eater esophageal cancer.

Misunderstanding four: soup after dinner

This is a detrimental health food. Because the last drink of the soup will have been digested by the digestive juice was mixed well, it is bound to affect the digestion and absorption of food. The right to eat is to drink a few mouthfuls of soup before meals, the mouth, the first lubrication of the esophagus to reduce the dry and hard food on the gastrointestinal mucosa of the adverse stimuli and promote the secretion of the digestive gland, play an appetizing role. Appropriate amount of soup in the food is also conducive to the mixing of food and digestive gland.

If you usually find yourself in the soup when you go into the above four errors, then it is still time to make changes in time. If a road goes black, continue to enter the misunderstanding of the soup, then the health of the body is very unfavorable. Xiaobian hope we can pay special attention to this aspect, especially in healthy diet There\'s excellent quality vape pen cartridge at wholesale rates is available at online stores and they are with ceramic body and leak proof seal ! Different product series like pre-heat battery are also available now.

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